Alex Sanders’ portfolio.

Music, design & development.


The Guardian

Senior client-side developer

I currently work on the fronts team at The Guardian, helping to build the home and index pages of the next generation of The Guardian’s website.


Site development

I was contracted by Inensu to build a geo-fenced mobile web app to support Uniqlo’s launch in Berlin. Users checkin to Facebook, via the app, from three pop-up stores around Berlin, to claim in-store discounts before the official opening.
HTML5 (geolocation), Coffeescript, Less, Grunt, Browserify, Facebook API.

Piccadilly Records

Site development

Pin Studio contracted me to build a responsive and mobile-friendly new UI for the Piccadilly Records online shop, based on their mockups.
Less, HTML5, PHP.

Site design & development

Dan creates glitch-based music videos and live visuals for the likes of Factory Floor, Luke Abbott and Jon Hopkins, among many others.

We wanted to create a site that would show Dan’s work by reflecting his aesthetic, rather than build a straightforward source of graphical and textual information.

Originally the site pulled content from a live Google search using Node.js—effectively glitching the data on Dan that was already present on the internet—but it became too difficult to target the results Dan wanted. Instead, he maintains a list of URLs that reference his work using a Google alert, which are then pulled in via the Readability API using Yahoo Pipes.

It’s deliberately built with slightly sub-optimal methods (e.g. setTimeout vs requestAnimationFrame) to increase the likelihood of the viewer’s browser glitching itself, enforcing the aesthetic.
CoffeeScript, HTML5, Grunt, jQuery, Yahoo Pipes, Readability.


Technical lead for front-end development

We extracted the technology behind Globrix (see below) to create Artirix, a hosted search platform.

Front-end design and development focused on admin UIs built with Backbone and Bootstrap in Rails (here is a demo).

The development team tripled to around fifteen, and I became the UX and technical lead on the front-end for the company as a whole, as well as specifically for clients including Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal.

I created some basic branding concepts for the new company, although ultimately they opted for something more utilitarian.
HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Backbone, Underscore/Lo-Dash, Mapstraction, Bootstrap, SASS/Compass, Less, GMaps, Ruby on Rails, Photoshop.

Sea Sentinel

Director & programmer

To publicise the release of Transept’s second album, Buff as Fuck, I made a video for the track Sea Sentinel.

It uses footage I shot while kayaking off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

iPhone, VDMX.

Buff as Fuck

The second album by a group I am in, Transept (see below), mixed with Luke Abbott.

The Quietus ran an exclusive on the video Dan Tombs made for a track from it, and published a long interview with us.

Electronic Sound said “The genius cannot be understated” and Tiny Mix Tapes described it as “akin to pushing your fists into a bathtub full of ground beef”!

I designed the artwork and packaging. We monoprinted the background of the covers with an open screen, but the fine printing was done professionally.

I also treated the press shots and created the mini-site to promote the release.
Ableton Live, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Luke Abbott

Site design & development

Luke Abbott is an electronic musician, and he wanted to revamp his personal site (it also functions as his main online presence).

I redesigned it as an evolution of his then-current blog, trying to retain its intimacy and personality.


University of East Anglia

Associate lecturer

I devised, taught and assessed the Online Media & Archiving module in the School of Music—effectively teaching an introduction to front-end web development: the structure of the internet, HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript.

The module is still being taught to second year undergraduates.


I am one of three members of a group called Transept, and this was our debut album. We wrote, mixed and produced it ourselves.

Artrocker, Word, Mojo, Uncut and Rock-a-rolla gave it four stars.

Artrocker called it “a stunning piece of progressive space-rock melancholia”.

Total Music said it sounds like “Fuck Buttons jamming with Acid Mothers Temple or Amon Düül ”.

Following its release, we played support slots for Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Walls and Islet.

I designed the logo and artwork. We screenprinted the covers.
Ableton Live, Illustrator.


Senior applications developer

I was the joint-first developer recruited to this UK property search start-up.

I was responsible for the design and build of the UI, based on an existing style guide. I was also the advocate for our adoption of Rails (and pushing generally for web 2.0 methods, where suitable).

I developed a drag-based search mechanism for Google Maps and an endless-scroll mechanism for lists of results (both of which were the first that we had seen) as well as a draggable price range selector.

Being able to switch between a map and a list had unpredictable side effects, so I developed a concept that would display and search for properties by list and by map simultaneously.

I created the house advertising style and ads for The Times.

In 2010, I designed and developed an iPhone app, using Appcelerator Titanium. The requirement was dropped as it entered beta testing and it was never released.

Globrix was subsequently acquired and shut down by Zoopla.

XHTML, CSS2, Prototype.js,, Ruby on Rails, GMaps, Appcelerator Titanium, Photoshop, Illustrator.

University of East Anglia

MMus (by research) Electroacoustic Composition and Sound Art

Awarded a distinction.

My composition for twelve airhornsAirhorns—opened the inaugural Faster Than Sound festival at Bentwaters airbase in Suffolk.

I also designed a poster and signage for a performance we organised by composer Tony Conrad.

Ableton Live, Protools, Pd, Max/MSP.

The Cloud

I was consultant on a proposal for a wifi-based public composition installation at the London Southbank Centre.

I also created digital promotional material, and designed and built login screens for various hotspot partnerships including Vodafone and a then-nascent Skype.



Lead front-end developer

Half of a two-person design and development team, building a SOAP-based Virtual Doctor and health website for Norwich Union.

Initially it was developed with a Flash client, but I rewrote it to use DHTML and a cross-browser XMLHTTP mechanism (not yet called ajax!).

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ActionScript/Flash, C#/ASP.NET, XML, XSL, SOAP, XMLHTTP, Photoshop.

Autonomy /

I was a front-end consultant, and prototyped a Flash results page for a video search engine.

The front end of was rewritten to use a persistent HTTP connection, so that results could be ‘streamed’ to users.

Flash, HTTP.

CD9 Design

Lead front-end developer & senior designer

Our clients included London Underground, Phillips, Countryside Properties, Expert-24, Proctor and Gamble.

I built a CMS/email system in ASP for the CD9 intranet.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript/Flash, ASP, Photoshop.

New Media Industries Plc

Lead developer, designer & IA

I worked with branding agency The Partners as the lead IA and UI/technical consultant for

I also created an FS-based CMS in ASP, and designed a recruitment site for the Army Technical Foundation College.

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, Photoshop., UK

Lead interaction designer & front-end developer

I was invited to join many of my former colleagues (see below) to launch, the UK sister of

I took overall responsibility for UI/UX and client-side code, and led a complete redesign and build, which took revenues beyond the forecasts.

I also designed a series of twenty adverts for display on the London Underground and across the web.

DHTML, CSS, Photoshop.


Senior designer/developer

I designed and built the site for Association of Investment Trust Companies Its advertising campaign.

HTML, CSS, Photoshop.

Razorfish UK

Front-end developer

I remade Flash presentations in DHMTL for National Westminster Bank, and coded the front end for the BAE Systems graduate recruitment site and


Junior designer/developer
Senior front-end developer

This was my first job from university, creating illustrative graphics for articles and banner ads on (including the most-clicked advert they had ever run).

After five months I moved to product development, where two of us worked with designers from Razorfish to design a new interface and information architecture for the site.

We then coded the client-side of what became the first online version of the paper (using <table> and <font> tags).

I was responsible for page layout and the site consistency, usability and compatibility.

HTML, Photoshop, Fireworks.

University College London

BA (Hons) Philosophy (2:1)

I specialised in Plato, aesthetics and 17th-18th century European philosophy.

I also created the department’s—and my—first website.